Reviewed by Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite

Two gunshot fatalities a little over a decade apart encourage a female detective to go undercover in a Detroit strip club in the stunning murder mystery, First Case Scenario by Annemarie DeClark. Harlee is excited about her promotion from working as a Detroit patrol officer to working undercover as a stripper in a murder case. Not only will she be working with Liam, the hottest detective in the department, but she will also get to use the skills that put her through college without incurring any debt. Harlee’s family and her friends are not aware of her clandestine vocation, other than Liam and Eddie, her close friend in the department. With Liam and Eddie having her back, Harlee works at uncovering leads from the employees and patrons of the gentleman’s club. She proves her mettle as an exotic dancer and a detective, but is it helping Harlee get any closer to finding the killer? Or will the killer find her first?

Stephanie Plum move over, a new sleuth has arrived and is taking charge! First Case Scenario, the debut novel in a fabulous new series by Annemarie DeClark, is a spectacular murder mystery with a sensational main character. Harlee is a vivacious, confident woman with abundant sex appeal and an irrepressible and impudent attitude. Surrounded by a circle of family, friends, and characters, whose support builds and enlivens the framework of the story world, Harlee confronts the undercover aspects of her job with poise and self-assurance. This well-developed novel has an exciting and lively storyline, keeping the reader engaged from the dazzling introduction until its thrilling conclusion. It is a superb murder mystery that will delight those who love mysteries solved by a strong and spunky female protagonist. This is a brilliant beginning to a series, and I can hardly wait for Harlee’s next case!


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