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SECOND TO NONE PRESENT BORDER300Investigating the death of a local nurse is just another day on the job for Detroit Homicide Detectives Harlee O’Conner and Lester Mosley… or so they think. When all the suspects have alibis and none of the eyewitness accounts add up, the detectives begin scratching their heads in confusion. With no apparent motive for the murder, they try using the few clues left behind at the crime scene to piece the case together. A stolen Jaguar, a missing Labrador Retriever, an unaccounted-for birthday present, and the theft of a family heirloom soon become the focus of the investigation. Twists and turns aplenty, nothing is as it seems in this baffling whodunit that will leave everyone puzzled until the startling conclusion.


Undercover and using moves she didn’t learn at the Detroit Police Academy, Harlee O’Conner races to identify the cold case murderer who has struck again.  While juggling a charming ex-fiance, a friend with benefits, and a partner who is too darn handsome for his own good, Harlee begins socializing with the potential suspects outside of work… until the killer learns of her double identity.

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